Thursday, 15 May 2014

Life is Busy

My plan to catch up with mail this week went completely down the drain. I've caught up with around 0% of what I had planned to do. Sadly I've been too busy trying to get everything ready for our college show. It's been fun, but now I'm just completely exhausted. In other news I'm going to be going to WWE live in just 4 days. Yay! It's come around so quick.

So, instead of mail, today I'm going to be showing you a painting I've been working on in the very sparse amount of spare time I've had.

It's just a bit of an experiment, although I like how it came out. So now I'm going to go on a gorge on chocolate, watch catfish and fan girl over Max Joseph. 


  1. Have fun at the WWE event. In the past i used to be a big fan as well and saw the guys live several times. :) Who's your favourite?

    1. I absolutely adore the Miz. I have him tattoo'd onto my left forearm, actually!


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