Thursday 15 May 2014

Life is Busy

My plan to catch up with mail this week went completely down the drain. I've caught up with around 0% of what I had planned to do. Sadly I've been too busy trying to get everything ready for our college show. It's been fun, but now I'm just completely exhausted. In other news I'm going to be going to WWE live in just 4 days. Yay! It's come around so quick.

So, instead of mail, today I'm going to be showing you a painting I've been working on in the very sparse amount of spare time I've had.

It's just a bit of an experiment, although I like how it came out. So now I'm going to go on a gorge on chocolate, watch catfish and fan girl over Max Joseph. 

Saturday 10 May 2014

Unexpected Saturday

I rarely ever get mail on a Saturday, and even when I do it's usually a letter from the bank or somewhere else equally as boring. So it was quite nice to receive two letters today!

A letter from my dearest Joana made it's way from Portugal... along with a lovely postcard. 

and a lovely long letter from Henna, which was a nice surprise!

So, this weekend will probably be spent attempting to catch up with my growing pile of letters. Have a nice weekend fellow snails 

Song of the Day:   Paramore - Crushcrushcrush

Tuesday 6 May 2014

A New Piece

With it being a long weekend, I've had no mail for the past few days. Which I'm not overly sad about, because it has given me time to work on a few things for college. This week is our final deadline, and by this week I mean, tomorrow. *internally screams* 

Having got the majority of my work done, I was able to work on a quick piece. It's only small, but it's small and sweet. This is Charles Trippy (Youtuber) using acrylic paint and hard pastel.

Song of the day:   Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith

Friday 2 May 2014

Prioritaire Luftpost

It's Friday and that usually means sleeping away the day. Although today I've been working my little fingers to the bone by trying to finish an essay, as well as a work synopsis, and a press release. On the bright side though, it's all finished now. Which means I can relax, perhaps watch an episode of Sherlock and reply to a letter. Maybe I'll even start on a new painting. Maybe.

One thing is for sure, I've been spoilt with mail from Germany over the past week.

Caddi wrote to me after her trip to Australia (which I am so jealous about!) 

I received a lovely letter from my close pal Hannah, whom I always enjoy talking to. :)

and finally a letter from Jessica, who is currently away on vacation. I'll be replying to her next month when she gets home.

Song of the day:    Sam Smith - Money On My Mind