Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Recent Works

Oh yes, I have returned! Life has been rather hectic over the past year. So much so, that I have had no time to do the things I absolutely love doing. One of those things, includes blogging. This time around my blog will be slightly different. This is the space where I plan to document my art work as well as my pen palling life, The two things that my life centre around. So, lets get going shall we?

My latest piece features Jim Moriarty and Greg Lestrade (BBCs Sherlock) Acrylic Paint on white card.

Here is a piece I have been working on during my down time. Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) Acrylic Paint and hard pastel on cream card.

Oh how good it feels to be back to blogging! I can't guarantee that I'll update consistently, to those few who read my ramblings. Spontaneous posts are usually the best though, aren't they?

Song of the day:   Say Something - A Great Big World 

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